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Bolling Behavioral Consulting provides professional services to help individuals with autism or other related disorders, and helping them reach their full potential.

Improved social skills

Better self-management

Increased positive behaviors

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Dealing with problematic behaviors can be overwhelming

We understand the many challenges parents and caregivers face when supporting loved ones living with autism and other developmental delays. There’s the tantrum, eating and sleeping difficulties, potty training issues, and so on. Perhaps the whole situation has left you feeling lost and hopeless. But no parent should have to go through that. Our behavior modification experts can help your loved ones thrive and live fulfilling lives.

Why Work With Us

Help Realize Your Loved One's True Potential

We explore strengths-based strategies to discover each individual's unique abilities and empower them to meet and even exceed the goals and milestones you envision for them.

Empower Your Family

Part of our treatment strategy is to train parents, caregivers, and family members on the treatment plan. You're given all the necessary support to put it into action and start seeing positive results.

Promote Independence

Our ABA-focused treatment approach is designed to teach communication skills, socialization strategies, as well as tackle sleep, eating, potty training, and behavior challenges in a positive, effective, and lasting way.

How It Works

Schedule a Consultation

Our Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) works with the client and family to identify their unique needs.


Get a Treatment Plan

We develop an ABA-focused treatment plan that is highly personalized to each individual's needs.


Start Seeing Progress

Our Registered Behavior Technician (RBT) works one-on-one directly with your child to teach them the skills outlined in the treatment plan while reducing any undesirable or problematic behaviors.

Child Services

Every child will be assigned a Behavior Analyst who oversees all aspects of treatment and an ABA technician who delivers 1:1 direct therapy.

Adult Services

We aim to help individuals engage more effectively with others and gain sufficient functional abilities to have greater control over their lives.

Caregiver Training

The goal of our caregiver training is to provide families and caregivers with the tools, skills, and strategies they’ll need to effectively apply ABA techniques in all areas of a child’s life.

Atlanta ABA Therapy FAQ's

Frequently Asked Questions

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Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) involves understanding individual behavior. It helps therapists understand how a person’s behavior is affected by their environment and the individual’s process for learning.

ABA therapy is beneficial for individuals struggling with psychological or developmental disorders, such as those affected with Autism Spectrum Disorders. The aim is to improve the skills and behaviors that the individual needs to live more independently.

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This may be the first time you have heard about ABA therapy. Here are a few things you need to know:

  • ABA is only one of many therapies used on children and adults on the spectrum, although it has been used as the basis for many of the other alternative therapies. With ABA, one vital aspect of the therapy is to measure the progress to see what works and what doesn’t with the child.
  • It takes time to see improvement. Our therapists will start with smaller or simpler tasks. Once the child has mastered that skill, we will move on to more complex tasks and objectives. Adjustments to the treatment plan may be made along the way to reflect the progress.
  • Applying the ABA techniques at home and school is just as important as when your child attends the therapy sessions. This is to help reinforce the lessons learned during the sessions with our therapists and help your child practice the skills in the real world.

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Children with different needs can benefit from ABA therapy, although there are several situations where the sessions are most beneficial:

  • Children who find it hard to communicate their emotions or interact with others
  • Kids who need to learn how to care for themselves, such as dressing themselves.
  • If your child cannot self-soothe, especially in stressful situations or when overwhelmed.
  • Suited for children who have difficulty handling changes in a routine.
  • If you suspect or observe sensory issues such as sensitivity to noises.
  • The child is exhibiting aggressive or inappropriate behavior.
  • You and your family are willing and ready to learn, apply the techniques, or support the lessons at home.

ABA is most beneficial for kids under the age of five years, although we also offer Adult Services for individuals who cannot avail of school or center-based services.

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Here are some of the skills your child will learn during our therapy sessions:

  • Self-care and self-help skills (i.e., feeding, bathing, dressing, toilet training, other basic hygiene tasks, and more)
  • Communication skills
  • Visual skills
  • Play and leisure
  • Group and social skills
  • Behavior reduction
  • Academic readiness
  • Caregiver ABA training

At Bolling Behavioral Consulting, we have several activities to help your child learn these skills. The aim is to gradually instill and reinforce these skills until the child masters them.

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When you sign up for ABA therapy for your child, there are several terms you may frequently come across. To avoid becoming overwhelmed, we have compiled a few commonly used terms you may hear from our therapists:

  • ABA – also known as Applied Behavior Analysis, the ABA is a method of managing, encouraging, or reducing certain behaviors.
  • Antecedent – refers to what occurred before the behavior.
  • Contained Classroom – indicates that the room is only for children with special needs.
  • Echoics – refers to a type of activity where the child imitates what is heard.
  • Self-Injurious Behavior – also known as SIB, this term refers to any actions that can result in bodily harm such as biting, headbanging, or continuous scratching to the point of bleeding, among others.
  • Target Behavior – refers to behavior that our therapist aims to encourage or minimize.

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Your child deserves the best. Consider these factors before choosing a clinic or hiring a therapist:

  • Look for a licensed ABA therapist or a clinic that hires licensed therapists. A board-certified ABA therapist will have the initials BCBA or BCBA-D after their name, indicating their professional background.
  • Observe their personality. The therapist will be working with you and your child, so choose someone you and your child feel comfortable with during the sessions.
  • Read through the proposed treatment plan carefully. Each child will have different needs. Look for therapists or a clinic that offers a tailored or customized treatment plan.
  • Discuss their approach to data. Ask how they collect and analyze the data. Experienced therapists should provide an example and give you a walkthrough of how they used the data to make adjustments in the treatment.
  • Ask how they get the parents involved. An essential part of ABA therapy sessions is working with the family and helping them continue the lessons at home.

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Perhaps you would prefer having the therapist at home instead of visiting a center. The goal remains the same. Kids can still learn and develop verbal and social skills while at home. However, there are situations where home sessions may be more beneficial. Here are some of the reasons why you may want to consider ABA therapy at home:

  • Therapists can observe and deal with behaviors in the space where they most likely occur.
  • Home therapy sessions are great for teaching kids self-care and daily living skills.
  • Children can learn skills on how to be independent.
  • As the sessions are done at home, children can learn how to better interact with family members.

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There are many therapies used for treating people with autism. Among them, ABA
therapy is considered the best. ABA has been studied for decades and has the most
number of studies supporting its effectiveness. As such, it is considered the gold
standard for treating autism.

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ABA therapy sessions are customized to suit the child’s needs. From time to time, the treatment plan is adjusted depending on how the child responds to the sessions. As such, it is difficult to say what to expect. What happens during the first session may be the closest similarity between different families.

Therapists typically allot the first session for developing a treatment plan. For in-home sessions, the ABA therapist will come to your home to meet you and your child. The therapist will consider several aspects such as your child’s age, abilities, and needs before crafting a treatment plan.

As there are different kinds of activities to help teach various skills, sessions can vary from one day to another. For instance, your child may have a one-on-one session with a therapist on one day. On other days your child may be placed in a social skills group.

The amount of time devoted to a specific part of the treatment plan depends on how your child responds to the activity. Even the length of each session may also vary as some kids may have one-hour sessions, while others may be staying for four hours. Regardless of the duration, children are provided with several activities to help them learn new skills or reinforce their lessons.

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