Adult Services

We're Providing Adult Services

We specialize in ABA for adults, specifically those who’re no longer qualified for children and school-based services based on their age.

While there are new service options for people in their later years, only a few programs utilize the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) to help individuals manage their lives.

We specialize in ABA for adults

Social Skills and Behavioral improvement

We are proud of our ability to assist adults, both young and old, in enhancing their communication abilities, increasing their self-reliance, and addressing the challenges that problematic behaviors may create for them.

Comprehensive Treatment

We provide a full range of treatment for a wide variety of challenging behaviors, ranging from mild to severe, including assault, property destruction, self-injury, elopement, pica, problematic sexual acts, toileting difficulties, and other issues.

Greater Flexibility

Our services are delivered where individuals live, work, and play, reaching all aspects of their life. We aim to help these individuals engage more effectively with others and gain sufficient functional abilities to have greater control over their lives.

Our Consultation Treatment Model

Schedule a consultation

Our services for adults typically take a consultation approach. First, our Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) works with the client, their family, and paid caregivers to identify their needs.


Get a treatment plan

Next is to develop a treatment plan (often called a Behavior Support Plan- BSP) in collaboration with all involved parties. All personnel, caregivers, and family members are trained on this treatment plan and given all the necessary support to put it into action.


Start seeing progress

Although we work directly with the client, the treatment benefits typically result from caregiver implementation rather than direct therapy by our personnel. However, we do provide one-on-one direct therapy for adults in certain situations, but it usually requires private payment.

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